The Intention

Latinx Dance Educators Alliance

The Latinx Dance Educators Alliance is a resource site for educators, and aims to hold space for thoughtful exchange in sharing perspectives from our lived experiences as Latinx/a/o and Hispanic dance educators. This platform is a direct response to the historical and continued exclusion of Latinx contributions and experiences in the field, and a moment to come together as a community to activate and ensure change in the narrative - further visibilizing our contributions, our art, our stories, and histories. This site holds space for connection, through The ALLIANCE, and sharing of resources, through The OASIS. We welcome all who are dedicated to dance education and hope you find this to be a valuable, thought-provoking platform that benefits your individual practice. 

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A Consortium of Latinx Dance Educators

The ALLIANCE is a consortium of Latinx/a/o and Hispanic dance educators who are invested in vetting, sourcing, and further developing The OASIS of resources made available through this platform for the dance community. To connect more with those in The ALLIANCE, we invite you to move through the gallery space. To join The ALLIANCE, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Resources for our Comunidad

This is meant to be a living, ever-growing list of resources, a true OASIS, for our community. This list is not exhaustive! We commit to update on a regular basis, and depend on contributions from our ALLIANCE to further strengthen the span and depth of this resource pool. As you read and click through The OASIS, we encourage you to cross-reference the categories, as many of the sources we provide could live in more than one designated section, or be useful in other ways we haven’t yet imagined.

The Founding Chingonas' Bio

Kiri Avelar & Michelle Manzanales

NYC-based dance educators and social justice arts advocates, Kiri Avelar and Michelle Manzanales hold personal, lived experiences of 20 plus years teaching in the field, both in the U.S./Mexican borderlands and the greater NYC area. Their work centers around an intersection of teaching practices stemming from a place of multiple identities. With an autoethnographic approach in discussing personal identities, how these identities are visibilized in their teaching artistry, and how identity is emanated in their classrooms, their work promotes a culturally responsive learning space through a Latinx lens, employing Chicana/Latina Feminist methodologies and pedagogies of testimonio and plática.

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A Consortium of Latinx Dance Educators

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