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The Latinx Dance Educators Alliance (LXDEA) is a movement, a mobilization of comunidad, that counters dominant, exclusionary practices prevalent in dance pedagogy, curriculum, scholarship, and spaces across the field.  

In direct response to the historical and continued erasure of Latinx/e contributions and experiences, LXDEA connects dance educators through the Alliance, provides a curated database of Latinx/e centered resources through the Oasis, and promotes Chicana/Latina feminist practices of plática, testimonio, and convivencia to shape learning experiences for dance educators in community.


The Alliance is a consortium of Latinx/e and Hispanic identifying dance educators...


The Oasis is a living, ever-growing list of resources for our comunidad...


Plática, or informal conversations, is a regular Alliance practice that shapes our learning as a community of dance educators...


A blog space to respond, share testimonio, and support our comunidad...


A space to shout out and give gratitude to those who are doing the work…

Coming Soon!

The Founding Chingonas' Bio

NYC-based dance educators and social justice arts advocates, Kiri Avelar and Michelle Manzanales hold personal, lived experiences of 20 plus years teaching in the field, both in the U.S./Mexico borderlands and the greater NYC area. Their teaching practices stem from the intersection of multiple identities and employ an autoethnographic approach in discussing personal identities, how these identities are visibilized in their teaching artistry, and how identity is emanated in their classrooms. This grounding promotes a learning space centering Chicana/Latina Feminist theories, methodologies, and pedagogies of testimonio, plática, and convivencia.

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A Consortium of Latinx Dance Educators

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